, Most affordable wedding photographers in Sydney Area

Most affordable wedding photographers in Sydney Area

One of the most critical aspects of planning your wedding is choosing an inexpensive but good Sydney wedding photographer. You would not have the wonderful memories of your wedding day to look back on without them. So picking a good one is critical. But how much does a photographer's wedding cost you?

On average couples in Sydney spent an average of $3,495 on their wedding photographers. But with so many options out there, how do you pick a good wedding photographer? Here are a few tips on what to look for, and what to ask when you meet with a potential wedding photographer.

Here' some handy tips and suggested questions to ask potential your potential photographers:

1. Do you have a particular photo style? Such as light, bright, posed dark, moody documentary style. Make sure you look through their work to make sure you like their style. You’ll be spending the whole day with your wedding photographer, so make sure you enjoy their company and get on well with them.

2.How long will it take to receive your finished wedding photos? Most Sydney photographers will deliver photos in 3 months after your wedding, Some might even provide you with a sneak peak album shortly after your special day

3.What photos would you like your photographer to capture? Some Sydney wedding photographers offer small, 4 hours packages that cover your ceremony and a short part of your reception only, which can be a very affordable option. But are ‘getting ready’ photos important to you? Would you prefer NOT to have those dirty dancing moments later in the night captured? Most Sydney wedding photographers offer half or full-day options as well, and they will be able to suggest an option that will be able to include the moments that are important to you.

4. Do you Work with other videographers before? Do you have a Videographer team? It's also good to know if they offer Videographer Packages with their Photographer, you can sometimes get a bargain if you booking both.

Some other tips Make it special – ask potential photographers if they have any idea for personalised photos, Check the contract for any extras fees, such as vendor meals, travel, parking, photo albums, extra copy of photos.

Here is a list of our favourite affordable Sydney Wedding Photographers.

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