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Looking for low-cost wedding photographers in Sydney? Are you getting married in Sydney and seeking for High Quality Wedding Photography at a Low Cost? Then you've definitely discovered your ideal inexpensive Wedding Photographers covering all of Sydney's wedding locations. We are ranked as Australia's Leading Cheap Wedding Photographers on even a national scale because we provide a very high quality photography service at the best value for money due to our low, inexpensive costs.

, Cheap wedding photography sydney



When it comes to wedding photography, the terms "cheap" and "affordable" are frequently misunderstood.

What exactly does the term "affordable" mean? In some people's eyes, it can imply low cost; but, does low cost imply bad quality? Certainly not in my case! As a wedding photographer in Sydney, I provide reasonable and affordable wedding pictures at a fraction of the cost of a ‘big budget' photographer.
What is the dollar difference between my price and the prices of other photographers? We all have professional photography equipment, but is there a difference between me and another photographer? Not really, because cameras, lenses, and flashes are all available to everyone. Our crew makes use of the new Canon EOS R6 - an upgrade from the 5D mk4. Furthermore, this is the most popular Canon wedding photographer's camera. Also we own Sony Cameras, Sony has the A1 and the R4. These are not low-cost cameras. Canon L and Sony GM lenses are likewise out of reach for most amateur or "Uncle Bob" photographers. A single Pro lens might cost well over $5000. Is that a low-cost or low-cost option? No, not at all. We normally travel with two camera bodies, as well as Canon and Sony f2.8 zoom lenses and fixed focal length prime lenses. All of these require a significant investment. There are also three flashes (plenty of one hundred gig memory cards) and camera batteries, among other things. All of this contributes to the final image quality, which you agree to when you hire me as an economical or affordable Sydney wedding photographer.


, Cheap wedding photography sydney


How much is the average cost of wedding photography in 2021?

The average cost of wedding photography in Sydney in 2021 is approximately $3360 for a 6 hour booking.
As you can see, our prices are much more reasonable than the average, without compromising on the quality, leaving you more money to spend on your party!

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Why are we labelled as relatively inexpensive? Why are we less priced than our competitors?

We're extremely competitive, and to put it another way, we enjoy what we do!
As a result, we don't have crippling overheads, which is why we keep our prices low. How good is our low-cost wedding photography? We'll let our wedding imagery speak for itself here; please visit our team's wedding blog and portfolio at the top of the menu. All of our images are completely candid and unposed.

, Cheap wedding photography sydney

(Our Wedding Photography Price As of 2021)


Thousands of RAW and Candid image files are gently edited, which takes time, and time is money.

Our photographic style is candid-documentary photography. We keep my prices low because "we enjoy wedding photography" and it's an honour to be asked to capture a wedding. We don't have to charge a "king's ransom" to cover our high overheads. It does, however, take time in our editing facility, which adds to the final image production costs. Following the wedding, thousands of raw image data must be transferred from the camera's memory card to the editing suite. Most are 20-40 megapixel in size, which is a lot of raw image data. When we get home from a wedding, this can take an hour or two.

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This means we won't be able to sleep until the image files are on the editing workstation. After that, our backup system will take over overnight, ensuring that the image is safe in three separate locations in case of loss. After that, we analyse all of the raw, candid photo files with our own eyes. Later, all of the "keepers" are processed in Photoshop and Lightroom for colour correction, masking, exposing, and cropping. This takes a long time and a lot of cups of our favourite team coffee.

The wedding photos that We will provide you will be high-resolution Jpegs that you will cherish for years to come. All of this work is completed within a budget. This gives you more money to spend on drinks for your guests and sparklers at the end of the night or even an additional discounted video package from us.

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“A Photograph captures a moment in time, and hold’s it still forever,”

Thank you for your interest and Apprieciate your readings! Please fill up this form to get in touch with us. Please let us know your venue details so we can accommodate your needs best.