A Sydney Wedding photographer gives 4 important wedding tips

If you're going to get married, you need to know these wedding  day tips from a photographer to guarantee the best day of your life.  We spoke to Sydney Wedding photographer Gerry from Ozphotovideo Studio who provide top wedding photographer services discussed his top four ideas for a great wedding day.

Golden hour

You may have learned about the golden hour before that. Gerry said, "The perfect time of day for your wedding day location shoot is the golden hour." He advises that couples "try to take pictures 1-2 hours before the sun sets and take advantage of the golden hour" as the sun sets. "We've all seen the stunning images of the newlyweds bathed in white light, with the sun rising behind them. They 're great!


Know how to mount a butonniere

Like tie ... putting on a boutonniere is a particular skill that is underestimated in the wedding planning process, so if any of you or either of your parents wear a boutonniere, learn how to pin them correctly before the day, so they're comfortable and safe, and prevent panic. Weddings are so exhausting!

Take a minute to get a date

Your wedding day is purely for you and your future girlfriend, and still you're not going to get much, if any, time alone with them. Start spending 10 minutes to have a "date" with them. Matt advises you "take it all in. Sneak away to a hiding location, away from your friends, and let the day wash over you. It's a big day and it's going to be a treat to enjoy a few minutes of quiet time chatting with each other before you hit the dance floor.

Please take a minute to consider your family and friends

"Take a minute to be present at your reception and enjoy your relatives and friends. It might just be your best moment of the night.

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