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Karlo & Joan

Wedding Ceremony & Reception : Bendooley Estate | Berrima Southern Highlands There was a time around four years ago when I’d just heard about this wonderful venue called Bendooley Estate. I’d seen a few photos online, and had thought to myself ‘I’d really love to photograph a Bendooley Estate Berrima wedding, one day’. Well that day finally came. It was a hot summer day. I remember the sound of the cicadas in the trees and that quiet stillness that often accompanies the early afternoon on summer days. We spend the afternoon moving from shade to more shade, and then eventually, when the sun dropped and it cooled a little, we moved into the field next door for some more photos. I really, really love this venue, and I’m so happy that I get to shoot here quite a few times each year. I know the place very well, and I’ve definitely explored all it’s nooks and crannies.      
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