Some Romantic First Look Wedding Pictures

While not for the superstitious, first look wedding photos have been topping the list of wedding must-haves for many couples over the last few years. It's still up to you whether or not you want to uphold the idea of not seeing your soon-to-be-married spouse until the ceremony, but — if these sweet snapshots are any indication — the first look is a beautiful way to start your married life.

The instant the first few lock their eyes on their big day is incredibly romantic — whether it's done in private before you say "I do," or as you make your grand entrance into the ceremony. But while they may not be a time-honored custom, first-looking wedding photos have become something of a new tradition among modern couples who choose to see each other before the ceremony, resulting in heart-warming, tear-jerking photos.

On the fence to make a first look? First, seeing your partner before walking down the aisle is a great way to ease any pre-wedding jitters. And if you're worried that your partner's expression might be less excited when they see you walking down the aisle to exchange vows, don't be. Chances are, your love will still get teary-eyed in the moments before they say "I do." And since they've already seen you in your wedding dress, they can appreciate the crystallising realisation that you two are about to become even more lucky in the world.

Have we been swaying you? Well, then it's time to be inspired. From the "first touch" where couples hold hands around some form of partition to weep-worthy surprises, there are plenty of ways to customise the first look from Wedding Photographer Sydney.

Get some romantic ideas for your first look by checking out our some favourite shots below.

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