, Essential Backyard Wedding Planning Guide

Essential Backyard Wedding Planning Guide

Weddings are one of the best events you're planning in your life. It is a happy moment, and you will have the drive to start no matter how difficult the preparation is. Whoever wants a more intimate environment during his wedding should take into account the option of their backyard. You are invited to your home, to share your love with you, but it is nothing more intimate.

, Essential Backyard Wedding Planning Guide

1. Speak to the neighbours

Even though it's your big day, you've got to note that you're still part of a neighbourhood and that most people are going to wonder about the noise and surprise. That is why it is so important to let your neighbours know a month or two in advance about your wedding plans. If you don't want to, you don't have to invite them but notifying them would give them time to find out what they're going to do on your wedding day.

Some that are aware of the noise will have time to schedule a night away while others will have the opportunity to rearrange plans that will interfere with your case.

, Essential Backyard Wedding Planning Guide

2. Do not forget the permits 

Even though in principle a backyard wedding sounds dreamy and fairytale like, if you don't have a permit first, the city does not find the whole thing so romantic. If you need a permit to host a large party at your home, consult with your city officials. This may seem unnecessary but you may be unaware of certain fire codes, health department regulations, noise regulations and zoning issues.
The last thing you need is to ruin the big day so make sure you don't break any laws and get the permits you need.

, Essential Backyard Wedding Planning Guide

3. Have the yard ready

Because you're going to have people over on a really important day, you're going to want your yard looking the best it's ever looked like. You'll need to sweep your yard before you start decorating. If you've got a lawn, then tend to it. During the ceremony you would want to see the most beautiful flowers shine. The long (ish) grass on your lawn, too, will not do. You need to mow that so it looks new and welcoming. Since today is your wedding day, there's a lot more you have to do than just mowing the grass. Hence you should consider choosing a qualified lawn mowing company.

If you do this you will not only have a better-looking yard, but you will also be much less depressed.On top of that, we don’t want you tired and sore for your big day.


, Essential Backyard Wedding Planning Guide

4. Work out the situation in the bathroom

You and the people at your wedding party on the big day will be relaxed. If you have more than 20 guests on the guest list, that means you're going to have to have extra toiletries. Today there are plenty of standard choices and convenient portable toilet trailers that your guests would just love. Don't talk of those portable toilets that you see at festivals and public events.

Anything more sophisticated warrants your wedding. There are portable bathrooms that have lighting, toilets, mirrors and more space than we're used to the standard porta potty. If you want to spice up things, add a small toilet kit loaded with a hand sanitizer, band-aids, breath fresheners, safety pins, and cotton balls.

, Essential Backyard Wedding Planning Guide



It takes as much time and effort to organise a wedding at the backyard as it does to organise a big wedding. The advantage is you will pay more attention to the specifics and the guest list would be much shorter. The people who share this special day with the closest friends and relatives and a reception at the backyard are the best way to give them all a good time.



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